"Working with Transaction Realty has really been a wonderful and easy going experience. I've been a Real Estate Agent for just over 2 years now. They have given me all the resources, tools and marketing skills I need to become an uprising Agent in my area of expertise. The people I work with on a daily basis through Transaction Realty are really helpful and supportive, which allow me to stay on my game and complete my set goals. For Agents who are not sure what company to go with, I strongly recommend to join our team with TR and become the SUCCESSFUL AGENT that you can be." - Nathan Elkins, 2015

"Can’t say anything but good things about Transaction Realty. Probably one of the best models for experienced agents. Very efficient and convenient to work with, great use of technology, very supportive and nice to deal with Broker and staff." - Vlad Lyner, 2015

"I joined Transaction Realty basically because I was tired of throwing money away at the other brokerages. I paid upwards of $18,000 a year and it got me no additional business and no added services from the company! I’ve been at those “big box realty” companies for nearly 10 years. Believe me, you cannot go wrong by joining Transaction Realty! Transaction Realty offers all the essentials, including online forms & tools and immediate direct deposits on your hard-earned commissions, and it’s all topped off by very helpful & personable support staff and Broker/Owner. If you are tired of paying for all the “fat” that comes with your company, or if you are tired of a never-ending commission split with your company, then please call Transaction Realty! You and your bank account will be glad you did!!" - Art Hotes, 2015

"After having received multiple recruiting invitations from various brokers around the state of Ohio, I decided to discuss my options with several. I must say, I truly liked my broker at the time, but felt I needed more exposure with a company that seemed to have a broker outreach & also realized that as a real estate agent…we need an umbrella broker covering but not always an office to work out of since we have our offices in our pocket! TRANSACTION REALTY has helped me achieve those goals. I also utilize a portion of my real estate earnings to assist missions around the world. The gracious commission base that Transaction Realty has chosen to HONOR its agents has greatly allowed me to bless families & children here in the United States and in other countries! This is the goal that I cannot put a value on! For this, I am eternally grateful to Transaction Realty for allowing me to earn & keep a large portion of my real estate earnings to share with those in need around the globe & in our own front yard! I would encourage anyone that is looking to take their real estate career to the next level to seriously consider Transaction Realty! I would do it AGAIN…" - Patty Carpenter, 2015

"I’m happy to share with you about Transaction Realty. I paid so many fees and the commission split just kept going down while I was with Real Living HER, and it was taking up to two weeks to get a paycheck after closing. That is what prompted me to start looking. Transaction Realty agents only pay $300 per month or $3600 per year, and that’s it. 100% of the commission is yours…no monthly tech fees, no GARP or package fees to buyers and sellers. Transaction pays for their agents’ E & O insurance and I subscribe to an online forms service for $90 per year, and that’s it. I have made so much more money. All you do is a checklist and email your listing docs, in contract docs and closing docs to their documents person. They have one person who handles earnest money and checks. They direct deposit commission checks, and I literally am paid within 2 days of closing, not 2 weeks. I have always gotten quick turnaround from the broker and their marketing person, who is Neil. If you decide you would like to talk to them, contact Neil Costa at 216.432.0444 / 308 or email him at [email protected]. I will give him your name only as a prospect, and should you contact him, I do get a referral fee. The thing I like most is there are no sales meetings to attend, no one asking you to brand them (you brand yourself), and you run your own business. It has worked great for me. I drove up to Cleveland and met with them and looked at their offices before I made the move, so you may want to set something up with them just to get an idea if it would be a good fit for you." - Cheryl Dye, 2012

"Having been an agent for 16 years, I'm now enjoying my best years with Transaction Realty. I have doubled my income! Thanks to TR I get full commissions paid out fast and direct deposited. They are always there to answer my questions and help me grow my business. To sum it up… Big Paydays, Excellent Support and Knowledgeable People to help with your business." - Mark Mullet, 2012