Company Headquarters

Our company headquarters are located in Cleveland's thriving Midtown area. We were founded in 2001 and since then have experienced substantial growth and progressive change. Transaction Realty has evolved over the years because we wholeheartedly listen to what our agents have to say and adapt to meet their needs. "Designed by Realtors®" is not just a tagline - it's who we are.

Our agents are stationed all across the state of Ohio, each serving buyers and sellers in the home communities. From Cleveland, to Akron, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati and everywhere in between you will be able to find an agent to meet your unique needs. We are committed to providing equal housing opportunities for all as well as healthy home education to ensure that the proper inspections are performed and homeowners are living in a safe environment. Educated Realtors means educated buyers making educated decisions about their living situation.

Did you know our building is a Green Building? It’s something that we’re very proud of and is a huge part of our identity and what we stand for. Our building features a rubber roof, geothermal heating and cooling, and a French drain system that redirects water back into the ground. All of our bathrooms use high efficiency hand-dryers and low-flush toilets to reduce paper and water waste. You'll find recycling bins all throughout our staff offices, but what you won't find is a single filing cabinet. That's because we use virtual filing systems to meet all of our document needs, instead of relying on paper. We use LED lighting throughout our building wherever permissible to cut energy costs and all of our courier errands are either run by bike couriers or in our company Prius. Behind our building we removed part of our parking lot to make room for green space for our dogs enjoy and also allow a bit of nature to flourish within the city.



Our Mission Statement:
We are a full-service real estate company committed to conducting business through forming relationships. We believe in equal housing and strive to preserve the dignity of all people. We are passionate about healthy home education to ensure that our buyers and sellers make informed decisions. We help our clients rise above challenges and actively seek out solutions to meet their needs.

4317 Chester Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44103